Six Minutes of Dog Training Wizardry!!

This could not have been planned! But it turned out AWESOME! If only dog training was as easy as being a wizard and waving a magic wand! Nope, that's not really very realistic, we and our dogs have to live in reality and reality is, it takes a lot longer than a few weeks or months to raise happy well-adjusted and trained dogs. Come down off your cloud and get real, get the right help so that you too can have a dog like this. And without using punishments that leave marks visually and mentally on your dog/s.

More on the dreaded “No Reward Marker”

Here's the video that sparked this post!  Dogs at play and my commentary! Darwin, Cooper and Boudicca Sept 2013  This is great! If you don't watch anything but the last 1 minute or less, the opportunity is presented and it's set up during the video with my added commentary and my well-timed use of a …

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Pointing Test Two Trials 10 Repetitions Each Boudicca April 24, 2013

                                    After reading A Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds i tested Boudicca, a 7 year old female Jack Russell terrier, using the easiest test demonstrated in the video [link provided in sources]. If you’re interested in conducting …

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My Feral Litter featuring Simon, Alvin, Theodore and Amelia

In 2001 a feral mother cat wandered onto my property. I trapped her, two weeks later she gave birth on May 5th. The feral mother raised her 4 kittens in my second bath. After weaning the kittens, the feral mother was tested, negative, neutered and released. Theodore was adopted first, then Amelia, finally Alvin, the shy one. I kept Simon. I had to humanely euthanize him in June 2006, he had been diagnosed with FIP about 15 months earlier. Thanks to Audrey at previously called "Alley Cat Rescue" located in Bradenton Florida and my vet at that time who happened also work with Audrey.