Puppy Training – Wellness™ Program

Puppy Training – Wellness™ Program 

Our Puppy Training Wellness™ Program  helps you raise a behaviorally healthy puppy developing a positive relationship with you and your family. We use a positive proactive training plan taking into consideration your individual dog and family. Our five-step program provides:

  1. Training your puppy to do the right thing
  2. Being proactive while preventing unwanted behavior from developing
  3. Making sure you meet your puppies behavioral and developmental needs
  4. Teaching you how to prevent unwanted behavior.We help you meet socialization goals vital for your puppy’s development, while training you how to manage these rewarding opportunities. Socialization is probably the most important goal for raising a behaviorally healthy puppy, but the socialization period is over when the puppy is between 14-16 weeks, which means you have a lot of work to do. We help you with guidance how best to meet this goal. It’s not entirely achieved by attending puppy training, but should be continued for the first 2 years. An important consideration when trying to meet your socialization goal is keeping your puppy safe, not only from diseases but from bad experiences. Sometimes all it takes is one bad experience to ruin your puppy’s chance of success. Our community offers several options for meeting strangers and other dogs. We will cover these available options to assure your success.If children are in the home it’s important for you to understand the benefits dog ownership provides children but also any risks that can occur.We cover everything from socialization, crate training, house training, acclimating your new puppy to resident pets and home, chewing behavior, what’s safe, bite inhibition, introducing your new puppy to guests and strange dogs, accepting gentle restraint and foundation skills i.e. relax, sit, down, stay, coming when called, exchanging objects and how to teach your dog to walk nicely on lead.

    This course can be used in conjunction with boarding and/or as a board and train program, cost for that service is estimated when arranging your board and training course, and is based on your dog’s present behavior. A behavior consult might be necessary to evaluate your dog’s behavior.

    Contact us for more information and to set up an appointment.

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2 thoughts on “Puppy Training – Wellness™ Program

  1. Kari, if you are interested in services I require completing contact information. You can find this located in page listing. I need your real complete name and full address including zip code.

  2. Kari

    I have a 6 month old toy poodle that I need house trained, is this something you can do? If so, what is the cost?

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