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Boudicca too cute!
Boudicca too cute!

July 3, 2013

“Do As I Do is the first training method based on dog’s social cognitive abilities”

Do As I Do is a social learning method. In this first video Boudicca is learning the “rule”. Do As I Do training is available on DVD through Tawzer Dog LLC. Claudia Fugazza is a Ph.D. student studying at Eotvos Lorand University.  Claudia has developed and named this training method Do As I Do and is based on published research by Hayes and Hayes, 1952 and Topal et al., 2006. The applied method is based on learning through imitation. Current research suggests dogs cognitive abilities may have developed from social attachments with humans and why this training method may be a desirable form of learning new tasks.

In this second video, we continue working on learning the rule, which is phase one. A fourth known behavior has been added, using the verbal signal. Phase two requires adding three known verbally trained behaviors. Note, in some instances it is necessary to say the old verbal cue, she does the behavior using the new signal “do it”. If she makes a mistake, it is ignored, followed by a demonstration of a different behavior. If during an individual trial, she begins to make a mistake, I can be flexible in how to respond. I may give her an opportunity to figure it out, you will notice during the “back ” demo, when returning to base, she starts to back up. I correct this using at least two different responses.

This third video is a short example of generalizing the Do As I Do training method.

Updated June 17, 2013 Added new video example

This is not easy. You have to overcome previous ways the dog was taught. You will notice some possible effects i.e. back up! This training session also followed time in kennel to increase attention! 😎


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