My beloved Golda Winter 2000 ~ September 12, 2012











My beloved Golda Winter 2000 ~ September 12, 2012

It’s only been a couple of hours since Golda slipped away from her place in this world of the living and help from a kind veterinarian. I miss her now more than ever, but I would be lying to not say how much she was missed the last couple of years especially this last year, as her health declined.

Golda walked into my life in the winter of 2000, accompanied by another feral cat. My first thought was someone abandoned them, this was before realizing both cats were still intact females. Golda was friendly, she immediately let me pet her, the other cat, was not friendly. Golda was lucky, her adaptive friendly behavior saved her from the streets, providing her with dependable resources and safe environment. The average life expectancy of a feral cat is less than three years.

We started our relationship when I took responsibility for feeding both cats and the decision to make Golda an indoor cat. Her tests were negative and she was spayed and mine forever. She always seemed content, happy to have a home with me. If cats can love a human, Golda loved me. We made few demands on each other. I liked this about her and thought this was the reason she never seemed to get upset.

Today was a day most pet owners dread. Having to say goodbye to someone you loved and knowing they loved you back is never easy. I miss her terribly and accept there was nothing more I could do and make the final decision to let her go.

Love you Golda, forever a part of me ~

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