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Responsible Dog is interested in feedback concerning our services and experience with us.  Customer service is important and providing clients with necessary knowledge and information that makes owning, training, managing your dog/s so you can better enjoy your dog-human relationship.  Our mission is keeping pets in their homes out of shelters and rescues, we need your help to make this happen!

Did we offer you free information over the phone, referral to a Certified Veterinary Behaviorist?  Was it helpful?  As a professional, we are limited to what can be discussed over the phone.  If you are uncertain whether you have a behavior problem or have questions concerning a behavior problem, I do offer a paid telephone consult.  It is not ethical for me to provide free analysis or comments regarding a dogs behavior without an evaluation.

Did we do a good job explaining our training methods and why we suggest using positive reinforcement, avoiding aversive training to effect behavioral change and teaching new behavior?  

Was your session for training and/or behavior problems?   Or both?

Did you agree with the proposed solutions?  Did you follow through and contact the trainer if something wasn’t working for you or the dog. was the overall problem resolved?  Yes or no?  What is the reason for your response?

8 thoughts on “Testimonials and Recommendations

  1. Received and given permission to share June 4th, 2018

    Joyce Kesling, owner of Responsible Dog and Cat, is nothing short of a dog whisperer! She really knows animals,
    she loves animals and they absolutely adore her. She has been indispensable to me in training my young pup to love
    learning. As a result of working closely with Joyce my little guy is obedient, skillful and filled with joy!

    – J.E.L., owner of a Tibetan spaniel puppy

  2. 6/30/15, 8:26 pm
    Offerings, Quality, Customer Service, Timeliness
    Great comfort knowing our dogs are cared for by Joyce!

    Shared via Square feedback and Valued Client – L. Adams

  3. Today, 03/06/2016 9:33 am
    Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality, Other
    I’ve already recommended you to my neighbors! Great care plus training while there!

    Louis Vuitton’s mom! Send via Square payment processing, Thanks Karen

  4. Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 10:57 AM
    To: Joyce Kesling, CDBC
    Subject: Re: Dog Aggression – Is it predictable? How do humans contribute to dog aggression? Are we responsible?

    Joyce this is really a well written great article especially the first part on picking the right pet for your ability, I wish everybody looking to get a pet would read the KEY points of this article about the responsibility of owning a pet be it a dog, cat or other type of animal and how important it is to start training right away and train “THE RIGHT WAY” you have completely won me over on training with POSITIVE TRAINING verse trying to bullnose the dog with aggressive training, you have shown me first hand and done it with a doberman that positive training is healthier and less stressful on not only the dog but the owner as well!!!!!!!!!!! You really have a talent joyce


    According to Pageat (1999), what puppies learn during the socialization period will affect their behavior for the rest of their life. He suggests behaviors necessary for successful adaptation should include learning self-control, intra and interspecific communication (dog and human), rules and social hierarchies, detachment, confidence in exploring their environment and socialization skills with humans.

  5. The following are comments received via email from a day-training client:

    Texted Saturday, April 4, 2014

    Joyce I had to text u I just had a customer who met Zoe when she was 5 months old and brought her husband in to see her, WELL let me tell u the lady couldn’t believe how well trained she was, she sat and laid down the whole time the people were petting her and just couldn’t believe how calm she was!!!!!!!

    I was so PROUD!!!!! Joyce thank u thank u thank u for training her she is doing so good I just couldn’t believe the difference. I had to shoot u a text.

    Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 11:45 AM
    To: Joyce Kesling, CDBC
    Subject: Re: Zoey Report!

    Im so happy Zoe is doing so well, thats not to say she doesn’t have a long way to go to become “MY PERFECT DOBI” but trish and I are so happy with how well she is doing with you!!!!! you really are a joy to work with and my dog LOVE LOVES you Joyce, I can see it in her eyes which tells me one she RESPECTS you and two she TRUSTS you which are two things I was looking for in someone to train Zoe who is fast becoming my favorite dog ive ever owned!!!!!!!!! Thanks Joyce

    Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 10:38 AM
    To: Joyce Kesling, CDBC
    Subject: Re: Personality Development by Ian Dunbar

    Joyce I love this article, I think this article should come with every new puppy so the owner can kind of anticipate what to do and expect……….thank-you so much for training Zoe, she and I are very lucky to have found you:)

    Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:11 AM
    To: Joyce Kesling, CDBC
    Subject: Re: Zoey Mat Training and Other Stuff

    hey joyce i just watched the video and thought it was good, im amazed at how long you where able to keep her attention, you are doing a great job I love that she is healing by your side without a leash and sat on command everytime you asked her too!!!!!!!! see ya fri.

  6. Dear Joyce,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me yesterday regarding our new daschund that we rescued from the shelter. Until I spoke with you, I had felt very confused as to how to handle our daschund’s aggressive alpha behavior toward our older dog that has lived with us for 8 years. It was fascinating to hear you explain your philosophy of behavior modification, your dog-sibling analogy, and your recommendation of using “time out” to extinguish the behaviors that we wanted to change. After hearing you explain all of this, I felt empowered to do what I needed to do to effectively manage and adjust my dogs’ relationship so that it was more civil and enjoyable for all.

    Thank you.
    Faith Z.

    This comment was emailed and to protect the persons privacy i’ve omitted identifying information. Thank you Faith and good luck with your doxie. 😎

  7. Received Via Email 07.07.11
    Our 3 year old yorkie loves our family vacations – because she spends them with Joyce. Her little tail never wags faster than when we drop her off there. We can leave town feeling great because we know she is happy and very well cared for. Joyce is amazing with the dogs! I would equate our yorkie staying with Joyce to us staying at the Ritz – you can’t do any better!


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