Diversity and Breed Distinction of Canis familiaris

The domestic dog, Canis familiaris is said to be the most morphologically variable of the mammalian species. According to scientist, artificial selection contributed heavily to the rapid development and variation in color, shape and behavior we see in dogs today. The difference among dog species rivals that of any other species in the family Canidae.

How selective dog breeding is impacting their welfare

How selective breeding is impacting the welfare of dogs According to a recent report done in the UK selective breeding practices are associated with “exaggerated anatomical features and inherited disease.” Breed standards contribute to the problem by focusing more on physical attributes rather than “health, temperament, welfare and functionality.” These standards trickle down to the average pet population. Most significantly reported are anatomical features that directly result in disability, behavior problems or pain, resulting in unnecessary suffering, high rates of disease with hereditary causes.