Dog Day Training

Zoey Siesta Key Beach
Zoey on Siesta Key Beach, at 8 months. One of my happy clients!

Dog Day Training & Adventures

Do you love dogs? Want to spoil them? Perhaps you like your dog to become the equivalent of a Mensa! If you’re busy working, volunteering, raising your family and feeling overwhelmed with the added responsibility of pet care and training, you’ve found the perfect solution.

When you choose training with us, you can expect the equivalent of Montessori teaching and learning experience. We spoil you and your dog while teaching you everything you need to know about dogs needs and care.

This choice provides an alternative to board and train, your dog stays where they belong, with you. We do most of the training; you just have to be available for brief demonstrations and problem solving. You’ll be training Fido too, but with our coaching and counseling. The following are brief descriptions of all the things you and your dog/s can learn:

  • Dog friendly training methods that can include, luring, shaping, capturing and targeting, using marker training, clicker is optional
  • The ABC’s of training, antecedent, behavior, consequence
  • How to apply reward markers and non-reward markers (if necessary)
  • Toy training
  • Exercise, walking the bridge, Legacy Trail, want to exercise your dog using a bike, I do that too
  • Training includes foundation behaviors, orienting and attending responses (focus), sit-stay and down-stay, controlled loose lead walking and reliable recalls and more
  • Socialization to people and dogs
  • Introduction to different types of environments, samples are local parks (including state parks), dog friendly restaurants, downtown, farmers markets, St. Armands Circle, Siesta Key Village, Ellenton Outlet Mall, Legacy Trail, banks, anywhere friendly, well-behaved dogs are welcome
  • Manners at doors
  • Greeting unfamiliar people and dogs
  • Understand what motivates your dog
  • How to effectively communicate with your dog
  • Learn what your dog is communicating
  • Learn how your dog thinks and views their world
  • Learn about and use tools helpful in managing your dog during training.
  • We won’t recommend prong collars, choke (correction) collars or shock collars
  • Learn management strategies useful in controlling the training environment
  • Learn how to be pro-active and prevent unwanted behavior
  • Learn how to focus on what your dog does right, reward that, not what they’re doing wrong

Want to know more?

If you’re ready to get started complete our Contact Form to arrange our “get to know each other visit” lasting 1.5 – 2 hours. During this visit, we get to know each other, meet and assess your dog/s individual needs. If we decide we are good fit, we begin working together to accomplish your goals.

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