It’s All About Dogs

It’s all about dogs , for moments when I have a fresh thought or idea about dogs, dog behaviordog training or other thoughts concerning dog welfare, and their quality of lifeI hope to pass thoughts on to everyone who loves and keeps dogs but most of all to those who want to understand them better.

Understanding dogs envisioning their perspective potentially provides a more interesting relationship and bond.

For every dog whose life could be improved, there is probably also an owner who is struggling with a dog that is beyond their ability to train. My passion in life, honed through education, is to help the individuals on both ends of the leash. 

I’ll be posting thoughts concerning dogs, sometimes using studies, sometimes using my perspective, observation and views. Additionally, you’ll find posts concerning other species mental health and physical welfare. 

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We believe this to be the path to successful relationships!

“Play and training are not contrary, but rather complimentary, dogs and puppies who have not learned that play and training are synonymous will not be willing participants in training because motivationally they are both necessary for success.” Hediger said, “good training is disciplined play” (1955/1968). 

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