Shock Collar Training vs Force Free Video Examples

Shock Collar Training vs Force Free Video Examples

12 Videos: Shock vs Force Free

This page has examples of dog training sessions with shock collars, contrasted with some examples of force free training and its results. We see a variety of behaviors being trained, including sit, come to the trainer, get on a platform, and kennel up. This page is a companion piece to my post on shock collar techniques, “Is it Really Just a Tap? Shock Collar Training Explained.”  Readers are encouraged to notice the duration of the shocks (and vibrations) used by the trainers and also pay special attention to the body language of the dogs in the videos. I have paired a shock video with a video of a dog being trained the same behavior force free to enable comparison whenever possible.

There is a short discussion of the documented harm of shock collar training and my rationale for choosing and displaying these particular videos at the bottom.

“Dog Training – Teaching with a remote dog training collar”

The video is narrated and the training performed by the head of Sit Means Sit, a huge dog training franchise. Sonny, a young Catahoula, is getting his first shock collar training session at the request of the owner’s husband. The video has been removed by Sit Means Sit. If you go to the analysis page linked below you can see a still from the video and read a transcript.


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