Shelter Dogs Blog: Relinquishing a Pet: A More Complex Perspective

Why do people relinquish their animals? Of the many different studies conducted to answer this question, one in particular has had a profound effect on me, enough that I could call it my favorite article. The article is called: “Surrendering pets to shelters: the relinquisher’s perspective”, published in Anthrozoos in 1998 by Natalie DiGaicomo, Arnold Arluke, and Gary Patronek. As a researcher much more used to a quantitative perspective, this article has touched my heart because of the way it brings emotional meaning and deep understanding to such an important subject. Further more, it has changed my own perspective and made me realize that the decision to relinquish a pet is more complex than can be captured by a single line on a paper form.

In this article the authors were trying to understand the reasons why people relinquish their animals.

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Shelter Dogs Blog > Relinquishing a Pet: A More Complex Perspective.

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